Maria Simmons

Project: Creating Digital Growth Structures from Homemade Microbial Ecosystems

In session one, participants will be given an introduction to BioArt artists and methods and will create Winogradsky Columns from local mud sources. They will be taught ways to collect data from their columns to use in session two.
In session two, participants will learn to create an organic growth stimulator in TouchDesigner. They will take the data they collected over the week from their columns and input that data into their simulators to create their own unique digital growth systems. *

*Class structure can be altered if it needs to be one day. Also the kind of ecosystem can be altered to also me vinegar making.

Key Takeaways:
Introduction to BioArt, Data Collection, and TouchDesigner

Two part workshop with ideally 1-2 weeks in between. First part has a focus on bio-art and physical making, while session two has a focus on digital techniques.

Winogradsky Columns

● Test tubes with lids
● Chemical strips
● Popsicle sticks
● Latex gloves
● Egg shells
● Newspaper bits
● Mud
● Water
● Computer with TouchDesigner installed (program is free)

Organic Growth Structure Example

Organic Growth Structure Example


Maria Simmons is a hybrid artist from Hamilton, ON.
She investigates potentialized environments through
the creation of multidisciplinary sculpture and
installation. Her work embraces contamination as an
act of collaboration. She holds an MFA from the
University of Waterloo and a BFA from McMaster
University. She has recently exhibited at The Plumb,
Platform, Ed Video Media Art Centre, and the Hamilton
Artist Inc.