Isabelle Desjeux

Photo Can

Exploring alternative photography in its simplest form. Using can-pinholes for direct negatives on paper, is it possible to obtain positives simply? Maybe cyanotypes? Can you take a direct cyanotype in a camera obscura? Exploring solargraphy to understand how the sun travels in the sky (another use of the simple pinhole can camera). Some of the bottlenecks for analog photography are the darkroom and the chemicals. Can we get around that? What can photography be coupled with to document things our phone usually doesn’t?

Short Bio

A French artist living in Singapore, Isabelle Desjeux has a PhD in Molecular Biology and a MA in Fine Arts. Isabelle is interested in understanding how science is made and knowledge is acquired, by scientists, students or children and by extension the public at large.

Isabelle has also been working with children since 2000, teaching drawing through observation, and scientific methods and runs a studio called “l’Observatoire” where she invites artists for month-long residencies.