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Dreamspace and Sri Lanka:

For this upcoming Dinacon, we will be partnering with the amazing folks at Dreamspace Academy. Dreamspace started as a war reconciliation centre that evolved into a fantastic endeavour for helping the local society and environment.

In their words:

“DreamSpace Academy is a non-profit social enterprise tackling local socio-economic and environmental challenges through challenge-based learning, grassroots innovation and impact venture building. Three decades of civil war in Sri Lanka caused a massive impact on socio-economy and environmental ecosystems International aid provided significant support, but imported solutions couldn’t solve fundamental local problems sustainably. Our mission is to achieve sustainable development goals in Sri Lanka by empowering underserved communities, protecting environmental ecosystems, facilitating peace-building and fostering sustainable startups”

Dreamspace is located on a peninsula bordering a lagoon and ocean in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Batticaloa is located on the eastern side of Sri Lanka and home to many incredible creatures (including Blue Whales and the mysterious Singing Fish!).