Location & Costs


Food and registration costs are mandatory. If cost is a major issue in your participation, please send us an email.

Registration: Institutional/Academic/Industry- $360 Regular-$245 Reduced price- $50

Ground transport: $50 (Round Trip)

Per day (These prices are estimates and will change as the conference approaches)
Accommodation: $14-$40
Food: 10$



We are reserving space at the Riviera Resort https://www.riviera-online.com/ . It is walking distance from Dreamspace and offers nice bungalows and single or group rooms.

Prices range from $14 -$40 USD per night.

You are free to make other accommodations, but it will be likely easiest to stay with us.


International Flights – $500-$1500

many cheap international flights can be found to Sri Lanka from all around the world if you look for flights about 2 months into the future

Shuttle from the International Airport to Batticaloa – $80

Dinacon 3 will happen during the entirety of July 2022.

Minimum stay is 5 days. Maximum stay is 3 Weeks.
Participants are asked to stay for a minimum of 10 days. We will also be scheduling a bi-weekly shuttle to take people from the airport to batticaloa. We will try to post the schedule for that ASAP but in general try to arrive and leave on Wednesdays and Sundays.


Food is gonna be tasty, and likely majority vegan.


Batticaloa Area

We will be mostly working on a peninsula between a lagoon and the ocean. There is nearby mangroves and beaches.


Dreamspace hosts many spaces for makers of various practices. More details soon!