Dinaheart: Coconut robot heart and robot jam at the Cabana Lab

As soon as I arrived to Dinacon, we had to set up a special outside Lab that we called The Cabana Lab. It was a very nice working space surrounded by trees and next to the lagoon. Pure Dinacon style!

We managed to organize a very nice space to work in some mechanical things and robots that mixed artificial and natural components. We also set up the recycled plastic PLA maker and the 3D printer. 

I brought with me some 3D printed stuff to work with and make some robot experiments. One of them was a skeleton of an animatronic heart and Leonie helped me to put it together. We added a very nice coconut shell cover (inspired by Andy’s proposal) to create what we called Dinaheart, a Coconut robot heart that merges with nature and seems alive!

He had some other experiments happening around robot jamming all week at the Cabana Lab and at the Dreamspace Collective space.

It is so nice to be sharing electronics experiments with a lot of people with this fantastic views 🙂