William Kennedy

william kennedy

dates: July 6 – July 21

Project : i will be working on micropower analog electronic art installations! using the power of the sun, wind, and water, I will be creating small circuits to make sounds and light and interaction hopefully making people laugh and think and wonder

bio: hello! i am a digital media artist, musician, lighting designer, lampsmith, and recent electrical engineer graduate from georgia tech. i like building interactive art and light installations for touring musicians, bands, music venues, municipalities, music festivals, and events.
I like to focus on the idea of ‘play’ and the spontaneous whimsical nature of creation, using found objects and hacked together commonplace items to customize daily life.
I’ve spent many years as a touring musician before getting into the art and design and engineering game!

website: https://freakylamps.com/

Ahac Meden


July 5 – 22, 2022


I intend to continue my DiNaCon/PIFcamp ethnographic observations. Focusing on DinnerCon and PIFood activities through exploring local food practices and how they resonate with fellow participants. In the process I plan to set up the PIFood.club blog where I will be documenting these explorations and other related research happening.


A biographies editor. Datafication of the human experience without losing humanity enthusiast. Late to finish, slow-paced academic. Wondering child that is constantly rediscovering what it means to be part of the planetary dumpling experience.

Fritz Francisco


Dates July 01 – 14


Previously I have worked on various aquatic animal systems, both in the field and in controlled laboratory environments, to better understand the mechanisms governing social interactions. Now I have joined the interdisciplinary cluster Science of Intelligence as part of the project on Dynamical Collective Adaptation & Learning to elucidate on the fact that animals are capable of continuously adapting to changing environments and novel situations. One way individuals are capable of doing so is by learning, a form of  inter- individual information transfer and knowledge accumulation. It enables an individual to understand its environment and  therefore minimize uncertainty about future situations. Using schooling fish (whose social and physical context as well as the previous experience and knowledge of each individual can easily be manipulated), my project addresses the topic of adaptation and learning in animal groups.

In my daily life I’m driven most by the combination of art, science and craftsmanship, which I try to implement wherever I can. A further aspect of focus dear to me is teaching and passing on information and coming up with new ideas and ways to interact with each other.

in vivo information gain

To me the best way to learn and study is by trial and error, which is why I especially like to move between the controlled lab space and the field environment, in order to test my ideas and gain robust insights. The project I want to approach while at Dinacon is a device with which wild animals can interact with. These interaction should be recorded (either via video or sensor output) and serve as quantifiable information about such naturalistic processes as play, exploration, creativity and problem solving in wild animals. I hope to achieve this by implementing some simple mechanisms which can be manipulated by the animals directly without receiving any reward other than information about the process. The mechanism is planned to be constructed by using raspberry pis, cameras, stepper motors, leds and microcontrollers.

I’m excited to join Dinacon this year as I have been following the work by this fantastic team over the last years and always thought this was a amazing platform for bringing people together in a constructive way!

Tegan Ritz McDuffie

Head of Tegan Ritz McDuffie


July 14 – 31, 2022


I’m a theater maker, installation artist, and archivist. I studied directing and photography at Carnegie Mellon University and have since created and facilitated performances in NYC, Berlin, and Abu Dhabi. Recently I’ve been really enthralled by multi-species thriving, site specific materials, and entanglements between ecology and technology. Currently I’m working on a garden installation for a research initiative exploring concepts and critiques of the Anthropocene at NYU Abu Dhabi.


Collective Field Jam — I will co-facilitate a sound jam/ performance with Mang using audio and video recordings collected from the environment of Batticaloa. I’m excited to gather samples focused on texture, kinesthetic movement, and points of attachment. Everyone is invited to contribute — let’s explore, listen, & make some cool music with nature!

Abscission Art Books — I’d love to make zines out of naturally shedded materials with textual reflections on human and non-human exchanges; also thinking about the permanence/impermanence of archival and collective impulses.

Decorative image showing side texture of a bundle of leaves

Looking forward to creating with you!

Michael Ang (Mang)

Michael Ang (aka Mang) is an artist, professor, and engineer who creates light objects, interactive installations, and technological tools that expand the possibilities of human expression and connection. Applying a hacker’s aesthetic, he often repurposes existing technology to create human-centered experiences in public space and the open field.

At Dinacon I’ll be continuing the Unnatural Language project (with Seamus) where we use Arduino-based “Datapods” to create in-the-field sonic orchestrations from environmental sensors.

I’ll be hosting a field recording sound jam with Tegan Ritz McDuffie. Contribute your field recordings and come join the collaborative jam to create some music using the sounds of Batticaloa!

Dinacon dates – July 14-31, coming from Singapore

Datapod sonic installation in the Panama Canal at Dinacon 2019
Recording sounds using found objects to embed in the Datapods

Leonie Bramberger

July 15th – July 29th

I’m a stage designer and performer and currently also a student in a masters program called “Play && Object” at the University of Performing Arts Ernst Busch in Berlin. There I came in contact with physical computing, developing my own sensors with odd materials, games and code. I learned about Dinacon from last years class, and thought it would be a great extension of my studies and an opportunity to keep spending time with all those fun and beautiful fields I just discovered.

As a project I would like to build up on a portable setup (including an ESP32 and a set of wool-sensors), which I’m working on right now, and combine it with whatever materials inspire me in Batticaloa, and adjust it to the scenery. Also I really want to focus and have fun with documenting my process and the projects I get to observe.


Jasmine Gutbrod

Dates: July 7 – July 21 2022

Potential/probable projects:

-Mapping and movement with insects- studying and illustrating how bugs navigate and create

-Designing play structures with natural materials

Bio: I am an artist/designer/educator living in Providence, Rhode Island USA. I use she/her pronouns. I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with degrees in Furniture Design + Nature-Culture Sustainability and Art + Design Education. Right now I teach product design and scientific illustration classes, and in my studio practice I 3-D print things in clay and tend to my frog terrariums. One of my tangential projects is a booklet called Blueprints by Worms, which showcases how mealworms can digest Styrofoam. I’m super excited about the intersections of Art/Design/Biology/Learning/Community Engagement and excited to meet more interdisciplinary nature nerds at Dinacon!

website: https://jasminegutbrod.com/

Insta: @jasminegutbrod

me & my frog

Ashlin Aronin

Ashlin Aronin


Dates: 7/15-7/28

Project: I’d like to explore the lagoon of Batticaloa and record the sounds of the singing fish with a hydrophone, then create an installation in a public area so everyone can listen to them. I read that local fishermen put the ends of their oars in their ears to amplify the sounds of the fish, so I’d like to incorporate oars into the installation to pay homage to this practice. I’m also very open to emergent opportunities and collaborations.

Bio: I’m a sound artist and technologist who is fascinated by human and non-human worlds, and the overlaps between them. I came to Dinacon 2019 and felt that I’d finally found my people- such a uniquely fun, talented and creative assortment of weirdos to this day unmatched. So excited it’s happening again!