Michael Ang (Mang)

Michael Ang (aka Mang) is an artist, professor, and engineer who creates light objects, interactive installations, and technological tools that expand the possibilities of human expression and connection. Applying a hacker’s aesthetic, he often repurposes existing technology to create human-centered experiences in public space and the open field.

At Dinacon I’ll be continuing the Unnatural Language project (with Seamus) where we use Arduino-based “Datapods” to create in-the-field sonic orchestrations from environmental sensors.

I’ll be hosting a field recording sound jam with Tegan Ritz McDuffie. Contribute your field recordings and come join the collaborative jam to create some music using the sounds of Batticaloa!

Dinacon dates – July 14-31, coming from Singapore

Datapod sonic installation in the Panama Canal at Dinacon 2019
Recording sounds using found objects to embed in the Datapods