Brendy Hale

Project: The Sound of Batticaloa

Brendy (he/him) is a first year graduate student of Collaborative Design at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. He plays drums, keyboard, and guitar, and plays/writes for local Portland band, 2nd Base. He also writes and records solo as FeatherCrest. A lifelong visual artist, he is now taking on digital art, through posters, data visualizations, and iconography/logos. Leading into thesis year, he is planning to use his affinity to sound, humans and nature to delve into the realm of noise pollution– specifically around how Portland residents in the BIPOC, lower income and houseless communities are disproportionately effected by sound pollution through systematic shortcomings in local legal codes.

He’s also a distance runner addicted to hot sauce.



libi rose striegl

close face shot, libi looks into the camera with a crooked smile. she is white with blue-green eyes and wearing a red hoodie, her brown hair sweeps across her face to the left.

Project (at the moment): Sculptural Solar Radio


By day, I am the managing director of the Media Archaeology Lab at CU Boulder. The rest of the time I am an artist and researcher, interested in collaborative engagement, performative chaos, archival impermanence and DIY defamiliarization. I am pro complication, imperfection and visibility. In pursuing these things, my media ranges from hardware hacking to hand-crafted zines. I completed my PhD in the Intermedia Arts Writing and Performance program at CU in 2020 with a dissertation titled Voluntary Deconvenience and my MFA in Experimental Documentary Arts at Duke in 2015 with a thesis titled thoroughly known. The former is a series of tech-education workshops geared towards exploration of “convenience” as it relates to technology and its role in the social, economic, political and environmental framework of the present world. The latter is a personal exploration of psychiatric diagnosis, specifically autism, and of the language used in diagnostic texts.

I also make stickers.