libi rose striegl

Project (at the moment): Sculptural Solar Radio


By day, I am the managing director of the Media Archaeology Lab at CU Boulder. The rest of the time I am an artist and researcher, interested in collaborative engagement, performative chaos, archival impermanence and DIY defamiliarization. I am pro complication, imperfection and visibility. In pursuing these things, my media ranges from hardware hacking to hand-crafted zines. I completed my PhD in the Intermedia Arts Writing and Performance program at CU in 2020 with a dissertation titled Voluntary Deconvenience and my MFA in Experimental Documentary Arts at Duke in 2015 with a thesis titled thoroughly known. The former is a series of tech-education workshops geared towards exploration of “convenience” as it relates to technology and its role in the social, economic, political and environmental framework of the present world. The latter is a personal exploration of psychiatric diagnosis, specifically autism, and of the language used in diagnostic texts.

I also make stickers.