Eye-Tracked Drawings

Hannen Wolfe collected data on where over 20 “dinosaurs”, volunteers, and DreamSpace Hive “bees” looked while they were drawing for a generative art project.  They used eye-tracking glasses with 3 cameras to record where the artists were looking (world view) and each eye’s movement.  The videos were then analyzed to calculate where the artist was looking.  Small black and white images (fiducial markers) are on the edge of the artist’s page so that the computer could track changes to the drawing or painting.  A video scan of the objects was used to register when the artist looked at the object they were drawing.  Currently they are working on cleaning the data to account for errors in data collection and exploring different ways to visualize the data.  Once the data has been processed, they will create a generative digital artwork based on the data.

Below are heat maps of where people looked when they were drawing. Each session produces 2 heat maps that are overlaid on the drawing and a photograph of the object(s).