Tegan Ritz McDuffie

Head of Tegan Ritz McDuffie


July 14 – 31, 2022


I’m a theater maker, installation artist, and archivist. I studied directing and photography at Carnegie Mellon University and have since created and facilitated performances in NYC, Berlin, and Abu Dhabi. Recently I’ve been really enthralled by multi-species thriving, site specific materials, and entanglements between ecology and technology. Currently I’m working on a garden installation for a research initiative exploring concepts and critiques of the Anthropocene at NYU Abu Dhabi.


Collective Field Jam — I will co-facilitate a sound jam/ performance with Mang using audio and video recordings collected from the environment of Batticaloa. I’m excited to gather samples focused on texture, kinesthetic movement, and points of attachment. Everyone is invited to contribute — let’s explore, listen, & make some cool music with nature!

Abscission Art Books — I’d love to make zines out of naturally shedded materials with textual reflections on human and non-human exchanges; also thinking about the permanence/impermanence of archival and collective impulses.

Decorative image showing side texture of a bundle of leaves

Looking forward to creating with you!