Ashlin Aronin


Dates: 7/15-7/28

Project: I’d like to explore the lagoon of Batticaloa and record the sounds of the singing fish with a hydrophone, then create an installation in a public area so everyone can listen to them. I read that local fishermen put the ends of their oars in their ears to amplify the sounds of the fish, so I’d like to incorporate oars into the installation to pay homage to this practice. I’m also very open to emergent opportunities and collaborations.

Bio: I’m a sound artist and technologist who is fascinated by human and non-human worlds, and the overlaps between them. I came to Dinacon 2019 and felt that I’d finally found my people- such a uniquely fun, talented and creative assortment of weirdos to this day unmatched. So excited it’s happening again!