by Fritz Francisco

The main idea was to create a small, sustainable recirculatory water system that enables plants to be watered and fertilized by combining a water system and a plant/soil system, as is commonly done in an aquaponics setup. The aquatic system serves as water reservoir and nutrient source for the soil system, as it eventually would contain water organisms such as fish, molluscs or crustaceans which produce detritus and biological waste products. The water in return is filtered by running over soil and plants which take up the nutrients and assist in clearifying the water. Given that these systems can be difficult to initialize, where the ecosystem must be carefully set up, the project was intended to be modular and extendable to accommodate larger systems as well and be easily scalable.

## Parts List
- Arduino Uno
- Motor Controller 
- Electric Air Pump 3.7V
- Diode
- Capacitor
- Solar Panel 12-20V
- Lithium Battery
- Charge Controller (Charge/Discharge)
- Air Tubing
- T-connection for Air Tubing
- Water container
- Soil/Plant container
- Connection wire
- Coconut Husk

## Source Code