Joel Murphy

Workshop: DIY Arduino Sensing

Learn how to build up an Arduino sensor platform with solar charging and more!Some soldering with basic electronics and coding.Walk away with your own Arduino Sensor Node! 


Joel made kinetic sculpture for years before he became an electronics design engineer. He taught physical computing at Parsons from 2006 to 2014, and has participated in several successful crowdfunding startups since 2011 when he co-founded World Famous Electronics, makers of the Pulse Sensor: an open source heart rate monitor. In 2014 he co-founded OpenBCI, a Brooklyn based company that makes high quality low cost EEG amplifiers for science and education, and was President of the company until 2018. Most recently, he has created and co-developed Tympan, an Open Source hearing-aid development platform. Joel also owns the technology consulting firm, Flywheel Lab. Joel lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.