Alex Hornstein

While at Dinacon, I’ll be building and testing my new camera-trapping board game, Wild Lives. This game is all about using camera traps to explore the natural world around you and sharing stories about what you find. It’s a combination physical and virtual game, and I’d like to play a couple rounds with the other attendees, get feedback to improve the design and flow of the game.

Alex Hornstein lives at the corner of invention, nature and adventure. A lifelong learner, teacher, hiker and tinkerer, Alex is in a perpetual electron orbit around the planet, oscillating between his lab, classrooms and remote corners of the world. For the past five years, Alex has been building machines to help us tell stories about the natural world, and spends a lot of time thinking about how we can be active participants in our own local environments, rather than passive observers of somebody else’s. When he’s not in the lab or behind a lens, you can find him on the tops of mountains or the bottom of the ocean, but always with his wife and daughter.