Felix Klee

Dates: 15/7-29/7

Project: Felix will plant strangler fig saplings on a base structure made of bamboo. Once their aerial roots have reached ground, these will grow all over the structure, which will rot away. What is left is a living room. Think Meghalaya’s living root bridges or Baubotanik.

Bio: Felix has an academic background in architecture and physics. He is exploring tropical regions for opportunities to construct with strangler figs beyond the living root bridges, something that is not possible in his home country Germany. In 2020 and early 2021, he was visiting Hong Kong, where he did experiments with vines, including a sound installation in the jungle atop Victoria Peak together with noise artist 3x3x3. In 2019 he showed two installations related to adaptable architecture in Hong Kong, one of them created from bamboo, coconuts, and electronics. He is partner in the Berlin art production company Rieger & Klee GbR.

Four drawings showing possible stages of the project
Stages over decades