Bharath Haridas

“The diverse sounds of the world are now in crisis. Our species is both an apogee of sonic creativity and the great destroyer of the world’s acoustic riches. Habitat destruction and human noise are erasing sonic diversity worldwide. Never in the history of Earth have sounds been so rich and varied. Never has this diversity been so threatened. We live amid riches and despoliation. ” – David George Haskell, Sounds Wild and Broken


What does the sound mean to the crickets themselves? We know they are mating calls but we hardly pause to feel it from their perspective. I have been collecting different sound samples of crickets, and cicadas from parts of Pulau Ubin, a small island rich with mangroves off the shores of Singapore and from the hilly parts of the Western Ghats in Kerala. Both rich in biodiversity face different types of threats to their natural habitats. What messages are these insects relaying to each other in their own environment? What messages would they have for their fellow species that live in and around the mangroves of Batticaloa? What shifts in the Anthropocene when caught between a global conversation of insects from fragile ecosystems?


I am Service Designer and an Experimental media artist, from Kerala, India with fragments of San Francisco, Bangalore and Singapore. I let the context guide me to the form, medium or a technology. I am currently figuring out how to set up a small lab for artists, designers, and biologists in the Western Ghats in Kerala, South India.


User Research and Paper Prototyping – Software Lab, Dreasmspace Academy, 21st July Thursday

Dates : 14 – 24 July