Marc Juul

Project: Crafting custom antennas: Long distance low power communication using simple tools

In this workshop we will craft antennas for long distance communication on common unlicensed and cellular radio frequencies, then test out designs using antenna analyzers and real equipment. We will go over how to select antennas and communication hardware for a variety of real world scenarios from concrete jungles to actual jungles as well as common pitfalls and scams. This workshop will be light on theory with a focus on giving you the tools you need to quickly solve real world problems. A subset of the practical portion of this workshop will be kid friendly (making antennas by cutting flexible material with scissors).


Marc hacks on software, wetware and hardware. He has co-founded hackerspaces and biohackerspaces in Copenhagen (Labitat, BiologiGaragen) and Oakland (sudo room, Counter Culture Labs) and from there several community projects: A project to create vegan cheese using genetically modified microbes (, an off-grid low-bandwidth community mesh network ( and a high-bandwidth mostly-on-grid one ( He is excited about building decentralized and resilient open alternatives to existing infrastructure and wishes he didn’t have to specify that, no, this does not include cryptocurrencies.