August Black

workshop: Lagoon Radio Research: Low to No bandwidth audio interaction and beyond

“What does the ocean say to the shore?  Nothing, it just waves.”  Let’s make some radio waves and stories using the ambient impulses, incursions, and random soundings of the lagoon.  To do so, we’ll take walks and sit and listen together.  After some doing that, we’ll think together on ways to modify our mobile recording devices (aka phones) as well as my Mezcal software to interact with the local Sri Lanka ecology for fun and profit interest! 

Project photos:, (credit: Alon Koppel)


August Black is a hybrid practitioner of art, design, and engineering. He makes experimental spatial, telematic, and acoustic situations and spaces, often creating his own software and instruments in hardware and software. He is currently an Assistant Professor at CU Boulder in the department of Critical Media Practices.

Additional links: https://august.black